All You Really Need in Your Diet; Only Shake You Need For the Day!

Check out Kale and Spinach –

Everything below that is really already covered in those two, even what fruits have to offer (minus all the sugar).  Just don’t eat too much raw kale (can cause issues for people with thyroid problems).  So it’s good to mix Spinach along with the kale.  Now if you do want fruits, things like dark berries can be good.  Fruit juices are just bad, even the 100% fruit ones.  Better to drink nothing but water and maybe some tea.

Along with those vegetables here is basically everything else you really need to stay healthy – yogurt, nuts, beans (research the best beans) dairy, lean meat.  Also for quality protein and amino acids I recommend a daily shake of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey.

A blender is great for people like me who don’t like vegetables.  Put in a scoop of the protein, some kale or spinach (carrots would be third on the list if you don’t eat kale), some yogurt, some peanut butter, then milk or water and you have about the healthiest thing you could possibly consume.  You can also add some blueberries or even chocolate for the taste; but I find the peanut butter and flavored protein is plenty to chug it down each morning.

That’s meal #1 of the day out of 3 (plus 2 snacks to equal 5; for small snacks in between break/lunch and lunch/dinner eat a protein bar, or any of the other things listed above in small portions).  And for lunch and dinner just use common sense for portion size and lean meats.  And feel free to even add fast food or going out to eat not worrying too much a few meals a week for the taste buds!

Best shake I can imagine, and best way to start your day.  Stay away from the American traditional breakfast full of bad stuff!