Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Aliens Debunked –

It’s sad the History Channel has gone from teaching truth to “teaching” what people want to hear or falsely fascinate them in the name of entertainment.  Reminds me of that Mermaid program on Discoveries Animal Planet show. I believed in the Ancient Alien theories until I saw this video and looked at the sources.  Sadly I cannot trust many programs on the History or Discovery Channels anymore as they have moved from truth that might not be as interesting as Aliens and Mermaids being around to giving “fast food” type entertainment.  I though find the truth shown here even more interesting than the false theories, it is fascinating to see how humans long ago figured out how to create these great feats with the very little they had at times to work with.  But like the author of this series says, don’t believe anything he or anyone says before finding the sources on your own.  It’s way too easy to try and throw in lies to make what you want to believe or make other believe true.

The video is in three sections with the following topics:

Megalithic Sites – Pumapunku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Easter Island, Incan Sites

Ancient Artifacts – Tolima Fighter Jets, Crystal Skulls, The Egyptian Light Bulb, Pascal’s Rocket, UFO’s in Art

Ancient Texts – Exekiel’s Wheel, Vimanas, Ancient Nukes, Anunnaki, Nephilum

Source website –