Gain for the Individual or the Whole?

When we go to war we are like a diseased cell. When we are young we see the natural selfish direction and it’s so bad we don’t crave things for the entire World whole (the cell), we crave to be important and happy/healthy; individually the most, then for close family, then close friends. But most won’t “take a bullet” for anyone outside of a short list.

Maybe our perspectives have been way off? Should we take out the desire to get recognition and wealth for our ideas?  How much harder would you work to be a millionaire for an idea you came up with and contrast that with how hard you would work on something that would help humanity but you get nothing but what everyone else got, the thing itself.

Might be too hard of the World to ask, but maybe in America. Do you want the “American Dream” or do you want to do a smaller part to help the whole (lol am I sounding like a Communist?)