Chemistry; Exploring Synthetics (Alexandar Shulgin, Dirty Pictures)

(This video is great and lets you into the mind of one of the greatest minds of our time (you can watch it on youtube I think):

I had a 3 year period before I was diagnosed and got on the right meds.  I was obsessed with finding either some cure or explanation to my condition.

I was involved with a group of people who bought and sold various chemicals.  Two people from that place are serving 20 year sentences for selling analogs of meth (if the Law is even Constitutional).

So I did test around 50 chemicals that 99%+ of the pulbic have no idea that exists.  Alexaner Shulgin was a genius who opened so many doors to new synthectic chemicals that were all designed to help people in many different ways.  Sadly the DEA raided Shulgin’s lab and he still struggles and we have an Einstein in our time with Chemistry and hes genius is being wasted.

It was a very strange 3 years.  I was trying to find answers to life with 50+ chemicals over those years and a lot of things changed.  I found some answers I wish I didn’t know.

But anyway, they recently made pretty much everything illegal but things like MXE (amazing depressant relief).

Oh well, at least medical marijuana is legal in 22 states now (2 legal for normal sale).  That and MXE could bring world peace.

But I don’t recommend taking research chemicals.. I almost killed my mom trying to shoot an imaginary alligator shooting a 16g shotgun through the floor.  The 5 days in mental lockup wasn’t fun either!)