Laugh at my pain!

No sorry, this isn’t Kevin Hart (please don’t sue me!…actually go ahead, I’m on disability so you would technically be suing yourself!).  Plus over 1.1 million people already laughed at his pain including myself so hopefully I can entertain a few people through mine.  I figure out of a few hundred jokes I tell about my sad and strange life experiences a few decent gems appear and since I’m broke what better place to try and gather those gems on WordPress!  There’s no alcohol served on the internet so I’m already at a disadvantage.  Plus I’m a Christian so I try my best to leave the obscene stuff out.  Ha, a Christian comedian!   At least I won’t have any competition.  Plus I have a wonderful “mom filter” to help me stay within boundaries.

So myself, am not very interesting but I do seem to find humor in this train wreck we call “society” and the game of life.  Stay tuned and check out my jokes during Comedy Central commercials.